Financing your need, payback terms you deserve
Unsecured Loans
National & Community Coooperative Credit Union offers a variety of unsecured loans to its members at very affordable interest rates. Access loans immediately after becoming a member. (conditions apply)
Quick Loan
Do you have an emergency? Or an unplanned expense? Need to borrow money fast? Access our quick loans with 24 hour processing time.
Payday Loans
Strapped for cash, members can access up to $75,000 repayable over 1 month. *
Pensioner’s Unsecured Loan
Pensioners who have worked at least 5 years or more with their organization and have contributed to a registered pension scheme can access up to $2.5 million dollars unsecured.
Motor Vehicle Insurance Loan
The National & Community Credit Union Motor Vehicle Insurance Loan is an unsecured revolving loan, offering competitive rates to secure your vehicle insurance upfront and save you money.
Property Insurance Loan
Our Property Insurance Loan, with flexible terms, helps you to fully protect your most valuable asset and spread the cost of your home expenses.
Special Needs Unsecured Loan
Members can borrow up to $2million unsecured for a maximum of 5 years.
Back to School Loan
Let National & Community Co-Operative Credit Union Ltd. Take the hassle out of your child's or children's school expense with our unsecured Back-To-School Loan package. It is accessible immediately after joining the Credit Union and at very competitive interest rate.
Education Loan
National & Community Co-Operative Credit Union Limited is focus on furthering your education with our unsecured Education Loan package. Once you are a member of the Credit Union this facility is immediately accessible and at very competitive interest rate.
Secured Loans
Secured Loans from National & Community CCU, are backed by your shares, savings or physical assets. As a Member, you continue to grow your wealth whilst you repay your loans. (conditions apply)
Loan Within Share
Members can access loans for up to $10million dollars within their shares for just about any purpose.
Fully Cash Loan
Members can borrow up to $10 million dollars using both internal (funds held at the Credit Union) and external security(funds held at other financial institution) at a low interest rate
Debt Consolidation Loan
Consolidate your credit card debts with a National & Community CCU secured Loan. Members enjoy competitive interest rates and low monthly payments.
Home Improvement / Construction Loan
Make your dreams a reality with our Home Improvement/Construction Loans. Competitive Interest rates with up to 10 years to repay, NCC CU can help to build your future wealth.
Home Equity Package Loan
The equity in your home can help you achieve your dreams. Flexible terms and affordable interest rates are available.
Central Mortgage Fund
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Real Estate Fund
You deserve to own your home. Come to NCC Co-operative Credit Union and benefit from low rates.
Motor Vehicle Package Loan
See it, want it; you can get it with our motor vehicle loan package. We finance motor vehicle from 0-10 years old at competitive interest rates.
Wealth Creation Loan
Want to purchase stocks and Bonds? Let NCC Co-operative Credit Union help you.
Energy Loan
This is a secured energy conservation loan of up to $2M, which allows you to protect the environment while reducing your energy consumption and utility bills in the process