Company History
Prompted by the good that a Credit Union can do for just about any group of individuals, a request was made to the management of the National Commercial Bank by Messrs. Norman Vickers and Orville Johnson that the staff be allowed to form a Credit Union. The idea, once accepted by the Management, was warmly received by the staff members and Mrs. Irene Hughes, the first Manager, made the necessary preparations and the N.C.B. Employees Co-operative Credit Union Limited became a reality. The Credit Union was established on April 2, 1992, and was formally registered on August 17, 1992. As early as May 1992 it was proposed by the Registrar of Co-operatives and Friendly Societies that the Credit Union Membership Bond should include employees of all Banks. Its inaugural General Meeting was held on October 10, 1992. The starting Share Capital was $398,000.00, and membership was approximately 550. Mr Glenworth Francis, General Manager of the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League, welcomed the Credit Union to the family of credit unions which numbered 60 million members worldwide. He continued by outlining the roles and purpose of The League, which was set up by Credit Unions to provide services to and promote the development of Credit Unions. The main speaker was the Reverend O.J. Thorbourne and greetings were brought by Phillipa Beckford of Cuna Mutual Insurance Society.
The Inaugural Board of Directors
  • Norman Vickers, President
  • Paul Stewart, Vice-President
  • Vivian Daley, Treasurer
  • Patricia Hamilton, Secretary
  • Eldon Forrest, Director
  • Orville Johnson, Director
  • Judith Ewart, Director
  • Juliet Brown, Director
  • Jean Ducasse, Director
  • Credit Committee
  • Christopher Spencer, Chairman
  • Joan Garfield, Secretary
  • Hector Cole, Committee member
  • Pamela Lowe, Committee member
  • Supervisory Committee
  • Grace Campbell, Chairman
  • Carmen Miller, Secretary
  • Ronald Hill, Committee member
  • Kenroy Wright, Committee member
  • Jacklyn Reid, Committee member

The membership approved a resolution for the Credit Union to become a member of the Jamaica Co-operative Credit Union League at its inaugural General Meeting. In 2007, the resolution was approved to not only embrace employees of banks but also employees of the wider financial institutions. 

Over the years, the boundaries of the Credit Union were broadened to include:

  • Wholesale Lenders;
  • Credit Unions that have merged with this Credit Union;
  • A relative of a member (Relative shall be spouse, a brother, a sister, stepchild, a mother, a father, a child who has attained the age of (18) years, grandparents, grandchildren, aunts, uncles, nieces, nephews, cousins and in-laws)

In 2021, the membership voted to welcome any person who has a relationship with a financial institution. We are proud that in 2023 we moved into our new home at 9 Hillcrest Avenue, Kingston 6 and changed our name from NCB Employees Co-operative Credit Union (NCBECCU) to National and Community Co-operative Credit Union (NCC CU). We underwent a name change to underscore our unwavering dedication to serving the diverse Jamaican community with ties to Financial Services. Our new offices now provide both current and new Members with an expansive and welcoming environment, enabling us to deliver an even broader array of innovative products and services.