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I can rest easy because I know if there’s something I need. NCCU has my back.
Michael Peart
Husband, Father
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I was introduced to the Credit Union by the now retired General Manager Mrs. Joan Garfield following her presentation at our branch in 1992; and my journey to achieving all my ambitious goals began. My greatest and most cherished memory was in 1994, when I was granted the opportunity to purchase a property and I had insufficient funds for the down payment. I called the Credit Union and expressed my concerns, and I got sound financial advice. I became a homeowner at the tender age of 23! I would gladly encourage EVERYONE to join our Credit Union.
Georgia Crossgill-Johnson
Member since 1993
It is my absolute pleasure being a member of the Credit Union’s Family. They have helped me to achieve my financial goals and I would unreservedly recommend the Credit Union to everyone. They guide you through all the processes and the entire customer experience is phenomenal. Thank you for empowering my financial journey.
Nicolette Clayton
Member since 2018
I have been a member of the National & Community Co-operative Credit union, formerly NCB Credit Union for the past 19 years and I must say being a member is one of the best things I have ever done for myself. I remember I was struggling to complete my house until I applied to the Credit Union for a loan. In a matter of days, the loan was approved. I was also able to own my first Nissan Sunny motor car, then a Toyota Wish and now a Toyota Rav4 2022 vehicle all through their invaluable assistance. A BIG thank you to the NCC Credit Union, my #1 Credit Union of choice forever!
Andrew Warren
Member since 2006
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